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Project Partnering

Governments in Canada and the United States have adopted a team-building technique called "Partnering" for large public projects. Partnering is a non-binding commitment by all parties to work cooperatively as a team in a spirit of trust and respect to achieve common goals and objectives and to promote smooth information exchange and creative problem solving.

Partnering Workshops provide an opportunity to bring together the client, consulting engineers, construction engineers and sub-trades to discuss the concept of Partnering, improve communications skills and review the challenges ahead.

Williamson Consulting Inc. has facilitated numerous Partnering Sessions in Ontario on projects of over $100 million. Each session ends with commitment statements from all parties along with a Partnering Charter.

Click <%= link_to "here", "municipal_world_magazine_mar_2012.pdf" %> to read Howard Williamson's column on Partnering that appeared in the March 2012 Municipal World magazine, Canada's premier municipal affairs magazine and the oldest continuously published monthly municipal magazine in the world.