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Media Training Module

Organizations communicate for many reasons and a critical component of any public initiative is the constant flow of information to the public through the media. This is why proper spokesperson training is so important. Our goal in media training is to ensure clients achieve consistency in tone and content through all media activities.

We know that the goals of every organization are different. That is why Williamson Consulting Inc. customizes every session to meet the needs of the client. We work closely with your organization in advance of the session(s) to ensure that we understand your objectives and the nature of your business. We can train your spokespeople individually or in small groups.

Our media training sessions have a mix of instruction, exercises, and videotaped mock interviews designed to simulate a variety of interview situations.

Each media training module teaches the participants to:

  • Deliver key messages directly and effectively, without jargon.
  • Adapt key messages for various media.
  • Develop and deliver powerful sound bites.
  • Think like reporters and producers and provide information in the most "media-friendly" way possible.
  • Redirect questions to maintain control of the interview and reinforce the key messages.
  • Use verbal and non-verbal language to emphasize key points.
  • Identify potential problem areas and devise effective tactics for turning difficult questions into opportunities.
  • Eliminate distracting vocal patterns and physical gestures.
  • Avoid over-answering and turning a good interview into a bad one.
  • Tactfully handle difficult or combative interviewers.
  • Work on closure techniques that reinforce the key points and leave a lasting impression.

The goal of each training module is to help spokespeople project confidence, sincerity, and credibility during interviews so that they can best represent your organization and maximize the chances for positive media coverage.

Our Expertise

Williamson Consulting Inc. (WCI) has trained municipal employees and economic development officers from across Ontario. We have trained private sector CEOs, Executive Directors operating Community Care Access Centres across the province and trained over 100 employees of the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA).

The Media Training Module

The workshop will be conducted by Howard Williamson and will include the following general topics for discussion:

Morning Session

Understanding the media

  • How the media operates
  • Inside the news room
  • On-line news organizations
  • Deadlines
  • Staffing in media outlets

Preparing your messages

  • Writing an effective advisory
  • Writing an effective release
  • Use of backgrounders
  • How to get attention

Dealing with the media

  • Preparing for print media
  • Preparing for radio
  • Preparing for television
  • Preparing for Internet-based news organizations


Afternoon Session

Crisis Communications

  • How to be prepared when a crisis strikes
  • What does the media know
  • How to deal with the media in a crisis

Dealing with the interview

  • Common techniques used by reporters
  • Preparing for difficult interviews/crisis interviews
  • Remembering your messages
  • Posture and body language

Mock interviews

  • Participants are interviewed
  • Videos are reviewed
  • Groups provide feedback

How to maintain good relations with the media

  • Regular communications
  • Personal relationships
  • Dealing with bad interviews
  • Dealing with bad newspaper coverage

The workshops run from 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. with a one-hour break for lunch. Each training module includes a two-hour meeting with the client prior to the training to discuss key issues to be used in fine-tuning the workshop and preparing the questions for the mock interviews.

In addition to the training, each participant will receive a workbook based on the training module containing examples of releases etc., along with other helpful hints. For more information on media training and pricing, please contact Howard Williamson.